Conserving water-enhancing Hand print!

Everyone has memories of childhood, of siblings, of friends, of school.I do too, but one memory stands out; i.e. of gushing Water through the taps…the force and pressure with which the water used to flow the moment you opened the taps. This is in sharp contrast to the present times when it takes ages to fill up bottles with water, forget the buckets; the huge water and electricity bills and the miserly stream of water that trickles down from the taps now.
Water management in the contemporary time has become one of the important aspects of home management for me. No more fun spraying water from garden hoses for my kids today. Instead they have been taught to treat water as the most precious and not a commodity, using it only when required.
No leaking taps in my house, plants are watered with the stored water left over from yesterday, instead of just throwing it down the drain literally and no leaving the water running from the taps if not needed at that moment especially while washing utensils in the kitchen.
I am also in the process of adopting the drip irrigation concept for my gardens. Rain water harvesting system has now become a necessary part of the house plan. Every drop of water is precious and its management of utmost importance. So for all those of us who have still not started let us do the needful starting 22nd March, the World Water Day. Save water and enhance your hand print!
Gayatri Suri


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