From where we started, Carmel!

Today was another stepping stone at Carmel Convent school, in Chandigarh, we at the Eco and Agro Resource Management, started began our learning from this school. It’s as they say, we were completing this circle of exchange, having taken and now wanting to give back. Vanmahotsava, as Arshinder Kaur, explained it to the students is a conjugation of three Hindi words, Van+Maha+Utsav, when conjugated, one observes the following changes: Van+Mah+Otsav, where the “a” of the Mah-a and U-tsav becomes O.

How does Utsav (festival) come in our lives? It’s when we rejoice on our harvest, but the harvest comes only when we have sown. This is the month of Mahotsav, i.e. the great festival of the Forests. The great festivity can only come if in the months of monsoon, the month that signifies proliferation and growth, we could cherish the forests around us, Urban or forests within forest lands with “Harmony”.


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