Reviving Eco-Connections at St. Johns School in Chandigarh

The EARM team was thrilled when we got a “Go Ahead” from the St. John’s School in Chandigarh to revive their Eco-club. In the current educational settings where the conventional curriculum is difficult to catch pace with, it was an additional challenge to bring across environment education across to young teenage boys.

Gayatri, my colleague at EARM had a brilliant idea to develop an Organic Rose garden for the school. For this we are already taking the preliminary steps towards building Organic compost at the school itself. Organic Roses would be procured soon.

We wanted to welcome Monsoon and there was not a better occasion than ‘Van Mahotsava’ to ground our steps in the school. Thus by July 6, the team comprising of Rashi, Gayatri and Arshinder was completely geared to get the “herbal garden” inaugurated in the school campus. The herbal garden was inaugurated by Dr. Satnam Singh Ladhar of the Punjab State Council for Science and Technology. A unique garden in itself, particularly so, for an all boys school, the students now know names of plants in the Indian system of medicine.

The students of the school can now connect to  names like Stevia, Aloe vera, Mint, Lemon Grass, Ashwagandha (winter cherry), Henna, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Punarnava (spreading hog weed), Brahmi (Bacopa), Giloe (Gulancha), Vacha (Sweet flag) , Vasaka (Malabar nut tree), Anantmul (Indian Sarsaparilla), Akarkara (Tooth ache plant) and Sada bahar (Vinca rosea).


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